Coronovirus (COVID-19) Company Update February 2021

A message from Anthony Bennett, Managing Director

Following the Government’s announcement detailing the roadmap out of the current Lockdown the long-awaited return to unrestricted life is finally in sight.

The last year has affected so many people and we are no different here at Watson, employees have lost loved ones and collectively we all mourned the passing of our dear friend, Associate Director Leo Ciavarella who worked at Watson for 14 years.

While thoughts turn to the future, we will never forget the recent past which has tested us all but made us collectively stronger and that it is the mantra we at Watson are using to drive the company forward.

We have a number of exciting projects in development which will make interaction with leaseholders even easier in the future so watch this space for announcements during 2021.

We have invested heavily in our maintenance reporting system and continue to do so to make reporting an issue as convenient as possible with 75% of all maintenance issues now reported though Watson Repair:-

Maintenance issues can also be reported via email at: or over the telephone on: 0113 273 8788, this is also the telephone number for our Out of Hours service should there be an issue when our offices are closed.

As the majority of our employees have the ability to work from home they will continue to do so until the Government have undertaken their review on returning to the office due in June 2021. Our Customer Service team are working within our Covid Secure Head Office to ensure calls are answered timely. I have always believed at least two Company Directors should be in the office each day to ensure we are available should the need arise and we have done so since the original lockdown in March 2020.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding during the last year when we may not have called you back or replied to your email as timely as we would have liked and I apologise for this. We don’t profess to be perfect and have had to deal with delays in supply chains which may have resulted in works taking longer than expected, we are however focused on improving our services and adapting to the changing environment at short notice and have learned many valuable lessons along the way and will continue to so in the future.

Please continue to look out for each other as restrictions are lifted and please also be mindful of neighbours who may feel vulnerable during these changing times.

Take care

Anthony Bennett
Managing Director

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