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Sustainable property management is the future of our industry and the future of house-building. Watson have embraced sustainable technology from the beginning and are now in the unique position where we have extensive first-hand experience managing the plethora of ‘green’ features becoming commonly integrated with today’s homes, and indeed our very own low-carbon head-office building.

Our expertise encompasses the successful management of features such as: energy centers and combined heat & power (CHP) systems including biomass, photovoltaic solar panels and solar heating systems, low energy lighting and smart metering, high performance insulation, harvesting and recycling water and sustainable water attenuation and filtration systems, refuse recycling schemes, environmental transportation systems, heat pumps and wind turbines, and green walls and roofing.  We are pleased to have in place a wide range of specialist accredited contractors who maintain such features to the highest standards.

We have introduced greater sustainability into the management of many of our existing developments in an affordable manner, often making cost savings overall due to the high efficiencies gained.  As part of our service to developers, we are pleased to input into the selection of sustainable design features at an early stage in order to ensure compliance with planning requirements, maximum operational efficiency and smooth future management of the development.

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